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UncompliKated Brain Dump Journal

UncompliKated Brain Dump Journal

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The human brain is constantly filled with all sorts of ideas, things to do, wishes, desires, and so much more.

The problem is we are so busy rushing around and getting on with life, that we forget to slow down, let all the thoughts out, and let them breathe – so they kind of get jammed and wedged in there. And then new ideas, and issues-at-hand have to squeeze in around them.

The result? Muddled thinking and overwhelm – and often times it can keep us up at night too when we suddenly remember all the things we need to do tomorrow or that we need the answer to the question “do penguins have knees?” Brain dumping is a way we get around this. It’s a great way to let all of the information and general stuff out of our heads.

Brain dumping empties the head and ensures that creativity and energy can flow again.We can then choose to arrange the information into useful notes that needs to happen – who we need to speak to, calls, to do lists, etc. and just stuff that’s filling it up.

In this journal you will find space for both. The pages with boxes are for you to make lists of the things that you do need to remember and get done.The other pages are just for brain dumping.

Remember sweetheart, that this is just between you and you. It’s for you to empty your thoughts out onto paper. It’s not something you ever have to read again (and certainly not for other people to read). It’s just clearing space and letting in the light. Make sense?

It’s a useful tool that you can use every day or just once in a while. It’s fab if you are the kind of person that wakes up in the middle of the night thinking that you’ve forgotten things.. brain dump before sleep, and then if you wake up, you can tell yourself that it’s all on paper, and give yourself permission to go back to sleep.


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Paperback : 204 pages

ISBN-13 : 979-8720495497

Dimensions : 20.32 x 1.17 x 25.4 cm

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