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Helen Round

Reusable Bamboo Face Cloth: Single Face Cloth

Reusable Bamboo Face Cloth: Single Face Cloth

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This super soft, environmentally friendly, reusable bamboo face cloth is perfect for your daily cleansing routine. Use with your normal cleansing products for your cleansing ritual.

Great to use as a facial steam cloth -  get it nice and warm, squeeze out excess water and hold against your face and press gently. Rinse and repeat, until skin is soft and happy. This helps to deeply cleanse and refine your pores.

After use, just pop the cloth in the washing machine at 30 degrees or launder by hand.

Designed to be used again and again, the bamboo face cloth is an eco alternative to single use wipes which can be harmful to our environment. Bamboo is super absorbent, it's also naturally anti-bacterial which is an added bonus!

Kate says, "What's super important for mature skin is that we don't use anything harsh to remove our make up as our skin becomes more delicate. These bamboo cloths are much softer and gentler than a normal face cloth and are fabulous to use with a cleaning balm!".

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