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Recycled Wool Picnic Blanket in Charcoal Grey Herringbone

Recycled Wool Picnic Blanket in Charcoal Grey Herringbone

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Please note that our beautiful leather and brass Picnic Straps are sold separately, so don't forget to add a Picnic Carrier as the perfect accessories to your blanket.

This  eco-friendly Herrringbone Picnic Blanket is made from recycled wool! We believe in sustainable living and our blankets are an example of our commitment to preserving the environment.

Our Picnic Blankets are made from soft, durable wool and have been woven from 70% Recycled Wool, 30% Mixed Recycled Fibres.  This means that not only are our blankets comfortable and stylish, but they are also helping to reduce waste and decrease our environmental impact.

Our blankets come in a variety of tartan and herringbone patterns, each one designed in Edinburgh, and are unique, adding a touch of Scottish heritage to your outdoor activities and. They are perfect for picnics, camping trips, outdoor concerts, or simply lounging in the park. 

We believe that sustainability doesn't have to come at the expense of style or quality, and our Picnic Blankets are a testament to this. They make great gifts for eco-conscious friends and family members, or can be a perfect addition to your own collection of sustainable, and beautiful, outdoor accessories.

Recycling wool can be a challenge as the fibres can be too short to respin. Our solution is to blend recycled wool with longer mixed fibres saved from landfill to create a soft and durable yarn, which is woven in a dense twill weave and brushed for texture. All the benefits of wool, in a sustainable blanket!

What’s more, they’re even machine washable.  We also recommend  buying the leather picnic carrier for easy travelling to meet your favourite companion for spontaneous adventures and outdoor picnics.

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