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Heart Hug Affirmations Cards

Heart Hug Affirmations Cards

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The most beautiful affirmation cards ever. I've designed them with some of truly powerful affirmations coupled with gorgeous, feminine illustrations. Lovely to own or give as a one-of-a-kind gift to a woman you love.

How to use your Heart Hug Affirmations®  Cards

Morning Practice

When you wake up in the morning, think about what is going on in your head that morning for that day. Then randomly choose an affirmation card. Use the words written on the card as your mantra and to help you fulfil your intentions or give yourself what you NEED to counteract the Shit FM.

Put your Hand on Your Heart, close your eyes, and give yourself the gift of saying your affirmation out loud - as many times as you like. Leave your deck in your car, take it with you in the beautiful box (or a purse), or keep it on your desk at work. Put it somewhere where you won’t forget about your daily reading. Let yourAffirmations Cards give you purpose through mindfulness, goal-setting, work and relaxation.


Ask questions

If you have a question on your mind that you are looking for an answer to, ask this question and draw a card. For Example: "What do I need to give myself to fulfill my intention today?"or “What affirmation will most help me with my money situation right now?”


Make it oh! so pretty

Stick some of your favourite cards to the bathroom mirror, make a fab display on your office desk, or even string them up in your bedroom with some fairy lights.

Not only will this look beautiful, but it will also serve as a reminder for you.


Meditation Mantra

Use your beautiful cards as an intention for your meditation. Read the affirmation aloud before meditation and repeat it several times. Continue to think about the affirmation and its meaning during the meditation. Open your eyes and repeat the affirmation one more time.


Spread the love .

Although I know you will LOVE all 54 cards in your deck - it doesn’t have to stay all in one piece.

Gift different cards to different friends and loved ones. If there is a specific affirmation that resonates with what your friend is going through, gift it to them.

Or just lift up their mood by giving or posting them a card.


Talk to the Mirror, Baby 

Put a card on your mirror, put your hand on your heart,  and read out loud the affirmation.

Make sure to look yourself right in the eyes when you do this. There is a special magic in saying something while looking at yourself in the mirror.

This should help you feel through the affirmation and truly manifest it

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