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Katie Larmour Linen

Handmade 'Peace' Christmas Decoration in Irish Linen

Handmade 'Peace' Christmas Decoration in Irish Linen

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Handmade 'Noel' Nursery Christmas Decoration in IrishLinen 

This is a tree ornament with a gorgeous quirky and traditional theme.

Katie Larmour Irish Linen’s signature collection of luxury all-year-round ‘Christmas’ Holiday decoration collection is unique.

Designed in Ireland by Katie Larmour, artisan made using premium salvage and deadstock 100% pure Irish Linen - sourced from one of the last remaining linen mills still active in Ireland today.

Using eco friendly recycled fabric has been our signature since 2014. A portion of the beads are reclaimed/recycled.

Perfect for Christmas. An exquisite, magical and sentimental gift to be treasured for all.

On average they are 10cm in the round. 

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