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Boody Period & Leak Proof Classic Bikini, Moderate - Heavy

Boody Period & Leak Proof Classic Bikini, Moderate - Heavy

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Boody Period & Leak Proof Classic Bikini, Moderate - Heavy

We've taken our most loved and comfortable bamboo undies and made them period and leak-proof. They look and feel just like normal underwear but have the functionality and technology for the ultimate period and leak protection and comfort.

These are great for women of all ages and amazing for perimenopausal and menopausal women. Not only are the bamboo undies thermoregulating but they help with they help with urinary incontinence discreetly too.

Features and Fit:  

Mid-rise fit

Soft ribbed waistband

Seamfree comfort

Cold machine washable

Fast-absorbing leakproof technology

Four-layer protection that ensures you stay fresh and dry.



• Made in United Kingdom

• Fabric:

Layer 1 - Contents: 100% cotton. Details: 100% cotton feels gentle and soft on the skin.

Layer 2 - Contents: 100% viscose made from organically grown bamboo. Details: Our light-moderate flow has single-layered towelling technology and our moderate-heavy flow has double-layered towelling technology.                      

Layer 3 - Contents: 86% modal, 7% seaweed fibre, 7% elastane. Details: Leak-proof barrier to help keep you dry and protected.                                                                    

Layer 4 - Contents: 79% viscose made from organically grown bamboo, 15% nylon, 6% elastane. Details: outer layer crafted in our signature organically grown bamboo.

• Care instructions: Machine wash 

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