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Boody Organic Bamboo G-String - Black

Boody Organic Bamboo G-String - Black

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G-string – for those days when less is more. The boody g-string is perfectly shaped and stays in place. Chic, flattering and super soft, using our high quality boody bamboo yarn, these pants are an underwear draw essential.

Made with viscose derived from bamboo, our silky feel fabric breathes and keeps you cool and comfy all day.

Why Bamboo? Why Bamboo seamless underwear? We have created affordable luxury by building everyday essentials and underwear from viscose derived from bamboo. As a result we have a silky smooth base layer that keeps you cool and comfortable with seam-free stretch. Our bamboo fabric maintains it’s shape and is great for sensitive skin.

For perimenopausal and menopausal women bamboo is a game changer!  Bamboo viscose can help maintain a consistent body temperature by wicking away excess heat and moisture. As a matter of fact, viscose from bamboo wicks away heat and moisture at twice the rate of cotton, reducing that creeping heat feeling and keeping you cooler for longer, and helps to stop your garments getting wet and clingy.

Kate says, "As a woman in the midst of perimenopause right now, bamboo has been an absolute saviour! After a hot flash I used to feel my back and my underwear clammy and cold. A thing of past now. I would recommend to all the women on the planet, but especially to those of us in mid life". 

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