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Black Fig & Vetiver Wax Melt

Black Fig & Vetiver Wax Melt

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With a rich aromatic scent, our Black Fig And Vetiver Fragrance Oil ushers in a cool earthy aura. Reminiscent of a spring walk in verdant fields, this fragrance oil boasts full-bodied green, fruity and earthy aromas with a hint of warming spice.


IDEA: Use our Talin Deluxe Ceramic Wax Warmer to create fragrance layering in your home, or a signature scent, by warming two fragrances together.

France Layering Melt Duos We recommend:

Rocksalt & Driftwood - Enwraps with woody warmth and adds a fresh note of rocksalt.

Dark Amber & Ginger LilyAdds sensuality and depth.

Our wax melts are hand poured using 100% soya wax.

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