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Anxiety Journal

Anxiety Journal

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Where journal meets interactive coaching: the perfect addition to your tool kit to help combat, eliminate and dramatically help anxiety .

Anxiety is not your personality type, it's a habit that your brain has got into. One in 4 women tell me that anxiety is a real issue for them. It steals their joy and prevents them from getting on with their everyday activities and especially big events. Not knowing what to do when you start to get that feeling of panic and flutterings in your chest, can make everything seem so much worse.

This journal is here to help. With advice and tips to make things clearer and give you real tips to make a difference straight away as well as to reduce anxiety over the long term. Plus real coaching with the scan of a QR code you can access training around the anxiety exercises from me personally.

It's like having the power of a coach in your pocket! I am also on hand to cheer you on, motivate you and give you tips for 66 days - all with a simple scan!

Daily check in pages enable you to spot triggers and learn how your brain gets into the patterns that spiral into anxiety and you will start to recognise the factors that you can control (and those that you can't) but learn to look at your reactions.

Plus there are expressive writing pages to reduce stress and get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper which make them seem so much less scary and intimidating. With inspirational quotes as well, this is a beautiful journal and bridges the gap between a workshop and a journal.

Notebook Features

  • This Journal is 8 x 10 inch (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
  • Featuring a beautiful matte cover
  • Printed on bold white paper
  • Book industry perfect binding
  • High quality paper that minimises ink bleeding
  • Suitable for writing in both pen and pencil
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