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Perimenopause Premium Collagen Peptides

Perimenopause Premium Collagen Peptides

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Our Premium Hydrolysed Perimenopause Collagen is specifically curated with the needs of the perimenopausal woman in mind. It is designed to support: hormone balance, joint health, bone mass density, skin & hair health, & regulate the body’s metabolism and digestion.

Perimenopause Collagen provides easily digestible, highly bioavailable collagen peptides. Sustainably sourced from grass-fed Bovine from Sweden, it is tasteless, odourless, and dissolves instantly in hot or cold drinks, and food too.

Our Premium Collagen contains 90% protein.


Premium Hydrolysed Collagen from Grass-Fed Bovine 100% from Sweden.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g

Energy       360 kcal             

Protein       ≤90

Fat                0%

Carbohydrates 0%                      

Salt             82 mg        

Amino Acids

Amino Acids per 10,000 mg

Alanine                    745.2 mg

Arginine                   772.8 mg

Aspartic acid           607.2 mg

Glutamic acid          1140.8 mg

Glycine                     1922.8 mg

Histidine*                 73.6 mg

Hydroxylysine          110.4 mg

Hydroxyproline         1048.8 mg

Isoleucine*                138 mg

Leucine*                     266.8 mg

Lysine*                        312.8 mg

Methionine*                55.2 mg

Phenylalanine*            193.2 mg

Proline                           1058 mg

Serine                            312.8 mg

Threonine*                    174.8 mg

Tyrosine                46 mg

Valine*                            220.8 mg

Cysteine                          10 mg


*ESSENTIAL Amino Acids to help with Perimenopause Symptoms.

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