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Medical Planner Insert

Medical Planner Insert

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This is an essential planner for anyone who regularly visits the doctor or hospital, takes medication on a daily basis, and needs to keep track of their general health and wellbeing.


Keep all your important information and details in one place for ongoing medical conditions, first aid, and medical emergencies.


This planner includes pages to write/tracker:

Medical condition

Medical appointment

Medication tracker

Blood sugar tracker

Emergency hospital visits

First aid info

Insurance info

Emergency contacts

Hospital bag checklist

Caregiver instructions

Appointment records

Symptom tracker

Medication tracker A

Medication tracker B

Vitamin & supplements tracker

Mental health plan

Sleep tracker

Medical appointments

Healthy habits tracker




Available in 3 colours: pink/purple, sage green/muted green, and black/grey,

These inserts are available in Pink, Green, or Black.

66 sheets / 110 pages

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