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Kiss Me Mohair, Soft Yarn - 70% Kid Mohair — 30% Silk

Kiss Me Mohair, Soft Yarn - 70% Kid Mohair — 30% Silk

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Kiss Me Mohair is as delicate as a kiss, as soft as cotton candy. It is a yarn that will cuddle you and give you warmth! It is a luxurious, light and breathable yarn.

Made in Italy, biodegradable and sustainable. Mohair wool is worked well with: very large needles, with one or more garments, so that the softness of the yarn emerges.

Knitting tension: 10×10 cm = 15 stitches x 19 needles (6 mm needles — Shaved mesh)

Recommended needles: 4 — 5 mm and more Recommended crochet: 4 — 5 mm and more.

Composition: 70% Kid Mohair — 30% Silk

Unit weight: 25 g (75 mt/82 yd)


**Please note that we import this wool directly from Italy for our customers so kindly expect it to be delivered in approximately 5-7 working days, depending on stock levels. Thank you.

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